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It is a famous balneal and climatic resort, located at an altitude of 650 m, at the foot of the Harghita Mountains, around Ciucas lake, which is situated on the left bank of the Olt river. It is situated 37 km away from Miercurea Ciuc and 67 km away from Brasov.


The name of the resort, Tusnad Bai, first appeared in 1861. It has been declared a city in 1968 and it is now known as "Perla Ardealului" ("Transylvania's Pearl").


There are numerous mineral water springs here, which have been known since early in the 19th century, but used only since 1860 - bicarbonated, carbonated, chlorinated, sodic, magnesian, ferruginous, calcic and mesothermal waters used in the outdoor pool.

Tusnad is highly recommended for the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system, cardiovascular, urinary system diseases and associated diseases.

The resort offers modern treatment facilities: baths with carbonated mineral waters, galvanic baths, parafin packing, electrotherapy equipment, gyms.

Ciucas Lake is used for boating during summer and skating during winter.

The "Saint Ana" lake is the only volcanic lake in Romania, at 950 m above sea level.

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