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Saint George (in Romanian Sfântu Gheorghe, in Hungarian Sepsiszentgyörgy), the centre of Covasna county, is one of the oldest towns of the Szeklerland.

The first document mentioning it is from 1332. The name of the town came from the saint patron of the local church, Saint George.

Covasna county is situated in the curb of the Carpathian mountains, with Brasov, Buzău, Vrancea, Bacău and Harghita counties as neighbours.

Throughout history, Saint George was the economic and administrative centre of Háromszék county (approximately identical with what is known today as Covasna county).
Saint George - over 70 000 inhabitans.

Saint George is a major centre of communication. It is here that the two major highways of the county meet: DN12 Chichiş - Saint George - Miercurea Ciuc, and DN11 Braşov (Kronstadt)-Oituz-Oneşti.

The rest of the county is linked to the centre through the following roads:

  • Saint George-Reci-Covasna-Târgu Secuiesc
  • Saint George-Ilieni-Hărman
  • Saint George-Vâlcele-Belin-Baraolt
  • Saint George-Malnaş-Băţanii Mari-Baraolt-Virghiş
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