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The touristic zone of Brasov
The touristic zone of Brasov can be considered the most various and the wealthiest touristic suggestion in Romania, both for its natural sights (natural monuments, natural reservations, winter sports, climbing, glidering, hunting and fishing) and for its historical and archaeological ones (fortresses, castles, churches, museums, etc.). That's why here there is the densiest mountain accomodation in Romania (hotels, chalets, touristic boarding houses, camping).


  • by roads:
    • from Bucuresti on E60 (168km);
    • from Pitesti on DN73 / E574 (136km);
    • from Sibiu on E68 (143km);
    • from Targu-Mures on E60 (171km);
    • from Bacau on E574 (179km);
    • from Buzau on DN10 (157km);
  • by railways:
    • Brasov is an important junction-rail - that's why you can reach Brasov by train from anywhere in Romania;
  • by air:
    • near Brasov there is Sanpetru Airport.

Major touristic sights
  •  Brasovului Fortress (1395) - which is considered to be the most powerful in Transilvania, with its museum

  •  The Old Town Hall Square - which was documentary certified in 1520

  •  The Black Church (1384-1477) - which has one of the biggest organs in Europe, dating from 1839

  •  St. Bartholomew's Church (1260) - the oldest architectural monument in Brasov

  •  Tampa Mountains with the ruins of Brassovia Fortress - built by the Teuton Knights in 1212

  •  The Country History Museum of Brasov
When leaving Brasov, almost in any direction, there are important touristic sights or at least interesting ones.
Poiana Brasov
Is situated only 20 km away from Brasov and it has accommodation of any level, ski slopes, sportyards, a horsmenship center.

Touristic data
All the way from Brasov to Bucharest (on E60), at small distances (25-30km) there are lots of mountain resorts, true pearls of the Romanian tourism: Predeal, Azuga, Busteni, Poiana Tapului, Sinaia - accommodation, restaurants, mountain and winter sports and points of leaving for touristic routes.

Only 27km away from Brasov, on DN73, Bran Castle, also known as Draculas Castle, was built between 1377 and 1382 - one of the most famous architectural and historical monuments in Romania. The Bran-Rucar Passage and the surrounding mountains (Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului Mountains) are standard zones for the rural tourism and for climbing. In the surrounding towns and villages you will find castles, fortresses, peasant citadels, fortified churches; for example, Codlea (12km on E68) you will find the traces of the Black Fortress (built by the Teuton Knights in the 13th century) and the Peasant Citadel dating 1432; Harman Citadel (12km on E574) - a peasant citadel built in 1500 around the Roman Church (1280); Prejmer (20km on E574 / DN10) - it is considered to be the most fortified peasant citadel in Transylvania (the 15th-17th centuries).

Towards North, on E574 and then on DN12 (from Chichis), we enter Ciucuri's Valley where every spring is a mineral water spring and even the wells have mineral water.

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